I'm Devan.

I'm a BK/NYC based product designer, who thinks a whole lot about people.

I've spent nearly 5 years at a startup, making my way from marketing to user experience and product design. Over that time I've learned a lot about people, business, design, and how closely intertwined the three are.

I believe that in order for a company to have exceptional design it needs to be embedded at every single level and direction (ie. ↑↓←→). I'm a designer, sure, but I think with that title comes the responsibility of teaching people around us to think like designers, too (using empathy to gain context, taking the time to understand the actual problem before jumping to solutions, collaborating and iterating). I also think it's our job to be conscious of how our work impacts our future.

We're all designers, some of us just forgot along the way.

You can get a glimpse of my day-to-day experiences here, view my LinkedIn, download my resume, or say 👋 at devan.brancard@gmail.com.