Hereโ€™s a collection of miscellanous things Iโ€™ve made.


The Syrup Shop

Illustrations, from sketch to coloring, for The Syrup Shop.




Designed and created icons used throughout the LiveIntent products.

2012 Year in Review

Designed and illustrated an interactive timeline for LiveIntent's 2012 Year in Review. 



Higher Ground Presents...


Print Design

Do More. Regret Less.

Do More. Regret Less. was a project inspired by the feeling of regret. The notebook outlines tactical steps, while acting as a daily reminder to put aside fear and prior disappointment. It acts as a space for the individual to plan and document their journey and personal process.

The use of colors and the layering of typography in the identity are used to create both feelings of urgency and satisfaction.


Old Mcdonald

Fictional rebranding and renaming of a Burlington, VT restaurant. This farm-to-table gastropub, serving local food from surrounding farms, occupies the former location of a golden-arched McDonalds. The name plays off both the location and the old childhood tune



Sprouts was a solution aimed to promote participation of children at a young age in school-based community gardens. The program would take place during summer months and promote healthy eating habits, responsibility and commitment to caring for plants, gardening knowledge, physical activity and long-lasting relationships built within the community.


Lino Reduction Print

Halloween Costumes